Fast-tracking dreams: supporting people who want to live in the UK

There are people right across the world who have a dream to live in the UK. Sometimes it’s to work. Others want to study, while being with family is the motivation for many more. As you are reading this, there is a possibility that you may share this dream.

To fulfil it, there is paperwork, and there are procedures. The good news is that Ecctis experts are here to help you navigate them. Our services have been developed over many years to ensure that the skills, competencies and qualifications of those coming to the UK to work, study, practice or settle are recognised at the appropriate level.

Ecctis’ Visas and Nationality services are delivered on behalf of the UK Home Office. They support applications to certain visa routes which have English language requirements, or which have requirements regarding the academic level and authenticity of a degree. These services can help people:

  • Demonstrate English language proficiency by aligning Bachelor, Master’s or PhD degree(s) which were taught in English to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and confirming their academic level, and / or
  • Demonstrate the eligibility of a qualification to qualify for tradeable points under the Skilled Worker route by proving the level and authenticity of PhDs.

The type of service that you will require will depend on your own particular circumstances, and which visa or route you are applying for.

The best place to start checking what you need is the Ecctis website’s interactive guide. It will take you through a few simple steps to help you understand what you need to do. Our team is also on hand to provide you with help and guidance regarding our services.

Everyone knows that fulfilling any life dream can feel like a very long process, but we can help speed things up.

If your application is urgent, for whatever reason, then the Ecctis Fast Track service may be right for you.

You will need to attach all the documents we require, set out on our website, before submitting your application. It will then be reviewed as a priority. Our team will look at your documents to be sure we have everything we need and then will notify you when it is time to pay. Once the payment has been received your assessment will be completed in either one or two working days, excluding weekends and UK public holidays.

Whether you choose the Fast Track service or not, you can rely on our globally-recognised expertise and experience. We support every university in the UK, all colleges that admit international students, employers, professional bodies, UK Government departments, and immigration advisers. We help them understand more about educational, vocational, and professional systems in countries outside the UK.

And now, if you are ready to take the next step towards fulfilling your dream, we suggest you take an important first step by looking at the Ecctis website interactive guide.

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  1. Please can I use my Ecctis certificate to practice as a registered Nurse in UK after passing my board exam without IELTS or OET?

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