Changes to the UK immigration system: introducing UK NARIC’s new Visas and Nationality services

From 1 January 2021, the UK will put in place a general end to free movement, and implement a new points-based immigration system, which will treat EU and non-EU citizens equally.

New routes in this points-based system will be open for applications later this year, replacing most of the existing UK immigration tiers.

To support the immigration requirements under the new system, UK NARIC has launched three new Visas and Nationality services, and all of these are now open for applications:

  • Visas and Nationality (English proficiency)
  • Visas and Nationality (PhD verification)
  • Visas and Nationality (PhD verification with English proficiency).

These services have been developed in conjunction with the UK Home Office and will replace the existing UK NARIC Visas and Nationality service.

What are the differences between the three services?

Visas and Nationality (English proficiency)

The Visas and Nationality (English proficiency) service allows an individual to use their Bachelor, Master’s or PhD degree(s) to demonstrate the level of their qualification and their English proficiency for a UK visa application.

Visas and Nationality (PhD verification) and Visas and Nationality (PhD verification with English proficiency)

The PhD verification and PhD verification with English proficiency services are designed for applicants to the new Skilled Worker immigration route, who want to use their PhD for tradeable points.

The PhD verification service will provide confirmation of the academic level of an individual’s PhD and a primary source verification check, which verifies that PhD qualification is genuine. You do not need to have studied your PhD in English to apply for this service.

The PhD verification with English proficiency service includes all of the above, as well as information regarding English language proficiency. If an applicant’s PhD was not studied in English but they studied a Bachelor or Master’s degree in English, we can provide English proficiency information for their other degrees.

How does it work?

Applicants can apply online. Applicants will need to answer questions regarding their circumstances and upload their documents. The documents we ask for may vary, depending on the service and an applicant’s situation.

Where can I get more information?

You can find out more about these different services on the UK NARIC website.