Europass launches new e-portfolio website

Europass has launched its new, completely redesigned website to reflect significant new developments and progress in the Europass service offer. The free Europass resources now offer people the chance to create their own online portfolio, known as the e-portfolio, to show their education and employment history as well as other achievements in a format which will be widely recognised and accepted across Europe. Users will also be able to receive alerts of potential jobs and courses from across Europe.

This represents a considerable step forward in the Europass concept, moving from a static, physical CV, to a more dynamic online representation of an individual’s lifelong learning. The new platform will ensure that resumés and cover letters are more accessible for employers, education and training providers, and other support services, as well as giving them the chance to authenticate qualifications and compare them to the relevant national framework. It is also hoped that the new website and platform will be more streamlined in practical use.

The New Europass is

The new Europass is a free set of online tools and information that help you to manage your career throughout your life. The new platform includes:

Europass for individual end-users

Europass for employers

Europass for education and training providers

Europass for guidance and support services

You can create your Europass e-portfolio by visiting the Europass website.

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