Europass Mobility: document your knowledge and skills

What is it?

Europass Mobility is a document that is designed to display knowledge and skills achieved while learning or studying in another European country. It was designed to complement, and record Erasmus+ (and its predecessor programmes) placements.

Europass Mobility documents any period of time spent learning or studying, such as:

  • a work placement in a company
  • an academic term as part of an exchange programme
  • a voluntary placement in an NGO

Who is it for?

Any person moving to a European country to learn or acquire work experience, whatever their age or level of education.

Who completes it?

Two partner organisations are involved in the mobility project. The first, in the country of origin (sending partner) and the second, in the host country (host partner).

The partners may be universities, schools, training centres, companies, NGOs, etc.

Where can it be obtained?

In the United Kingdom, the sending partner registers using the Europass Mobility Registration System. This can be found on our website here.

The full process of you can be found here.

If you are host partner, then the sending partner will need to register with their Europass Centre, the contact details for which can be found here.

Please contact the organisation sending you abroad and ask them to contact their National Europass Centre. The UK National Europass Centre can be contacted at:

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