UK NARIC information and data: 2019 highlights

Throughout last year we continually updated our information on qualifications and education systems in accordance with the Information Development Plan and in response to emerging developments.

Overall, education system descriptions, higher education listings and/or qualification comparabilities for 160 countries were updated in 2019. Over 280 qualifications were reviewed; over 3,000 higher education institution entries edited; 20 full country files and a further 80+ information sections updated; and 2 new countries added.

Here are a few highlights:

Africa in focus

A number of sessions at our annual conference in November highlighted the growing interest in Africa as the continent has huge potential for growth in international student recruitment and partnership opportunities. Following the addition of a new file for São Tomé and Príncipe in October, we now have all countries in Africa covered on our International Comparisons database. Our existing information for a number of African countries, including Benin, Burundi and Togo, was also updated and expanded in 2019.

Key qualification updates

We provided updates on changes to a number of upper secondary qualifications of importance to international student recruitment, including the French Baccalauréat, the Italian Esame di Stato, the Iranian Konkur and the Pancyprian examinations.

Gaokao guidance

Early in the year we took a detailed look at how the Chinese National College Entrance Examination, the Gaokao, compares to A level. Our findings, which can be found here, may be of interest to UK universities looking at whether to accept Chinese applicants for direct admission to undergraduate studies.

Beyond borders

Last year we continued to expand our information on transnational education (TNE). The International Comparisons database now includes information on TNE for over 50 countries. New additions in 2019 included: Hungary, India, Israel, Jamaica, Malta, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. You can read more about our insights into TNE here.