Why you should consider an apprenticeship – Europass

An apprenticeship may not always seem like the most obvious route for further study but, they offer great alternatives to university and college. Here are some reasons why:

Money money money

  • You can earn some cash straight away
  • An apprentice under 19 or in their first year is entitled to £3.70 an hour and most employers pay more. After that it’s national minimum wage for your age group
  • Whilst this may not seem like a lot to start with, bear in mind that you’re not fully qualified yet and as you grow in experience, your pay increases accordingly
  • Apprentices also receive the same benefits as other employees such as pension contributions and leisure facilities

Work experience

  • Since apprenticeships are designed with the help of employers, you’ll have a head start most other students won’t have – work experience
  • You’ll learn from experienced professionals on the job and also be trained externally at a college or specialist organisation
  • Practical and relevant experience is what most employers look for on your CV. These skills are also often transferable to other sectors

Get a qualification

  • Just because you’re not going to college or university doesn’t mean you won’t get something to show for it. With most apprenticeships you’ll get a nationally recognised qualification at the end
  • These qualifications cover a wide range of roles – 1500 job roles across more than 170 industries

Get a head start

  • Many apprenticeships will impress and enable you to gain a full time position within the company
  • Employers will also often pay for you to continue your studies while you’re working even after your apprenticeship is over
  • Having a position so early in your career gives you a big head start on those who won’t have even graduated from university yet – you’ll potentially have years of industry experience before they have even finished

No debt

  • The biggest difference between an apprenticeship and university is the debt that comes with university study
  • An apprenticeship doesn’t come with that burden so you’ll have more money to play with
  • Your employer actually pays you to gain a qualification


  • Whatever you decide to do, remember to take your time and seek advice from initiatives like @notgoingtouni and @NationalCareers
  • Doing what’s right for you is the most important thing