International Comparisons database updates – October 2019: Focus on Africa

Opportunities for international student recruitment and partnerships in Africa were discussed in a number of sessions at the UKNARIC19 annual conference earlier this week.

In his session ‘Opportunities in Africa’, Stuart Rennie of SJRennie Consulting [pictured below] highlighted that the median age of the population across the continent is 19 and that the top 10 fastest growing economies is dominated by African countries, indicating huge potential for growth in international student recruitment.

In the day 2 plenary panel, an audience poll revealed that Africa was second only to Asia as the top region for potential growth and opportunities. Speaking on the panel, Jonathan Ledger from DIT, noted that the biggest international education opportunities lie in TVET and that Africa has the largest potential for longer term growth.

Africa also featured in the ‘Branding beyond borders’ session from Dave Vann, ABA. The continent came 2nd in a poll asking ‘where is the likely next destination for your brand?’ This shows that not only is Africa getting noticed for its potential for growth in education, but its branding opportunities also.

Africa on International Comparisons

With the addition of a new file for São Tomé and Príncipe in October, the UK NARIC International Comparisons database now covers all countries in Africa.

São Tomé and Príncipe is a small island nation located off the western coast of tropical Africa. Despite its relatively small population of just over 200,000 inhabitants, it has a well-established higher education system consisting of a public university and two private institutions, one of which opened as far back as 1994.

We’ve also started November with the publication a full update to the Togo file, including details of the Licence-Master-Doctorat system and technical and vocational education.

Growth in higher education

The expansion and development of higher education in Africa is reflected in the updates to our institution listings over the last month. 

Like many other countries, Togo has seen significant growth in the number of public and private higher education institutions in recent years. The Kenya listing has also been updated in full, following the upgrade of a number of technical institutes to national polytechnics.

Keep up-to-date

Further updates to our information on countries across Africa will follow in the coming months.

UK NARIC members can view the latest updates by checking the Databank Latest Updates news feed on the top right of the member hub.

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