International Comparisons database updates – August 2019

The UK NARIC International Comparisons database is continually updated to reflect changes and developments in education systems around the world, and to enhance the information available to our members.

Here’s our pick of ten updates you need to know about from last month:

The literary, economic and social, and scientific pathways that have traditionally formed part of the Baccalauréat général are being phased out. Students will instead dedicate a significant portion of their timetable to specialisation subjects (enseignements de spécialité) of their choice. There will also be changes to the assessment process for general and technical stream pupils.

Meanwhile the Baccalauréat professionnel has similarly been reformed, granting students the opportunity to explore a broad vocational sector (famille de métier) during their first year, before going on to specialise in a particular occupation thereafter.

New vocational grammar school (szakgimnázium) and vocational secondary school (szakközépiskola) programmes were introduced from 2016.

  • New secondary curriculum in Brazil

Legislation passed in 2017 established a common national curriculum, the Common National Curricular Base (Base Nacional Comum Curricular – BNCC).

The India file has now been updated to include details of the grading system typically used for Diplomas in engineering and technology subjects.

The latest list of programmes accredited by the University Council of Jamaica is now available.

This new section includes details of changes to legislation in 2017 which affected overseas providers operating in the country.

The Diplôme National du Brevet is now graded out of 800, with a pass mark of 400.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina file now includes information on the framework, which is in the process of being implemented.

These two new sections have been added as we expand our information on quality assurance of higher education in the Caribbean.

UK NARIC members can view the latest updates by checking the Databank Latest Updates news feed on the top right of the member hub.