5 top tips for creating your Europass CV

Struggling to write your Europass CV? Here are 5 Top Tips to help:

1. Be clear and concise

  • Employers generally don’t look at CVs for very long. Fail to make the right first impression and you might miss your chance
  • One or one and half pages are usually enough for a CV

2. Keep it relevant

  • Employers don’t want to see your template CV so, update your CV according to the vacancy
  • Remember just because there are lots of sections to fill out on the Europass CV, doesn’t mean you have to include them all. Pick and choose the fields which will show you off the most

3. Check, check and check again

  • Employers are looking for attention to detail. Don’t miss out because of a silly spelling mistake
  • Get someone to proof read you application before submitting. Spellcheckers can miss simple errors

4. Upload your Europass CV to the EURES (European Employment Service)

  • Upload your Europass CV to the EURES portal
  • Your CV will instantly be available to thousands of employers all over Europe

5. Style is as important as substance

  • Make yourself stand out with the widely recognised  Europass CV format
  • Don’t mix up fonts for visual effect – it will make your CV look messy and disorganised

Get started here – https://rebrand.ly/EuropassCV