Service profile: Visas and Nationality Service

What is the Visas and Nationality Service?

The Visas and Nationality Service is designed to support individuals applying for visas or settlement in the UK; it is provided by UK NARIC on behalf of the Home Office. It is also known as our Red Route service.

The document itself will confirm your academic qualification level and/or English language proficiency – depending on your personal circumstances and immigration route.  

All the key information is presented clearly within the document to comply with requirements from Home Office UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) case workers.

Who is the service for?

The Visas and Nationality service supports applications made through the following PBS (Points based System) routes:

• Tier 1 Entrepreneur

• Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur

• Tier 2 General

• Tier 2 Ministry of Religion

• Tier 2 Sportsperson

• Representative of an Overseas Business visa

The service also supports family, settlement and citizenship/nationality applications.

How to apply for the Visas and Nationality Service.

During the application process you will be asked all the relevant questions to keep you on the right path. This should help ensure you get the correct paperwork to support your immigration application. Online messaging allows you to contact our Visas and Nationality help team at any stage in your application.

To apply online, you will need to know your Immigration Tier and Immigration Route. For information about the different UK Immigration Tiers and Routes, please visit

For a step-by-step guide on how to apply, please click here: Part 1 – Part 2 –

For guidance on what documents to send please click here:

For a demonstration of how to make online card payments, please click here:

Other visa routes do not require UK NARIC Visas and Nationality documentation as supporting evidence. Please visit the UK Visa & Immigration website to check the particular requirements for each of the immigration routes.

If you have questions about the Immigration Rules or about your particular circumstances in relation to them, you should contact UKVI direct.

Note: UK NARIC is not able to advise you on your personal immigration circumstances or on the details of your immigration application. For this, contact UKVI, or talk to a registered immigration adviser.