Keep up-to-date with combating education fraud

Education fraud is once again a hot topic:

  • In Saudi Arabia the Arab News reported that the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) have so far discovered 1,050 engineers who were practicing despite not holding genuine qualifications.  These engineers were nationals of 20 different countries.
  • In India, police recently arrested two immigration agents following a tip off that they were producing fraudulent degrees and travel documents.  The leaders of the gang have supposedly absconded.
  • A political scandal has erupted in Malaysia after five election candidates were accused of having purchased their university qualifications.  Some of the candidates claimed to have been awarded degrees by institutions which have been exposed as diploma mills.
  • In Pakistan 54 MPs were found to have fraudulent qualifications; some were classified as fake while others were considered invalid as, although the MPs had graduated from the programme listed, they did not have the intermediate certificates required to enter the course.

In order to equip university admissions officers and employers with essential knowledge on fraud in education, UK NARIC offers the training session Degrees of Deception: Combating Education Fraud. This practical course covers the varying types of education fraud and the features to look out for on genuine and fraudulent documents. Session are held throughout the year, to book a place on this popular and informative course, please complete the training booking form or contact your Account Manager.