International Qualifications and Skills

International Qualifications and Skills – how ECCTIS helps recognising international expertise

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  1. Hi
    Most of my qualifications obtained in South Africa have been approved by BABTAC.
    I am looking at converting two alternative qualifications in the UK so i can provide these services.
    Please can you assist me in guiding me on how to go about converting these qualifications.
    Thank you.

    1. Dear Heila,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Providing these awards have been assigned a national level in South Africa we should be able to provide a comparison of the qualifications. You can apply for our Statement of Comparability on our website, further information including the fee and necessary documentation can be found here:

      I hope this helps.

      UK NARIC

      1. Thank you for your reply. Please can you guide me as to exactly how to send my certificates to you, I find the website very difficult to find my way around. If you can send me an email address or a direct link to the page i ought to be on in order to move forward with my certificates.
        Many thanks

  2. Hi, I am looking for comparability report, I did my MBA in one of the university in UK which was disqualified as degree awarding institution in Apr 2007. However, when I have completed my MBA program at that period of time this university was recognized as degree awarding institution by DFES (UK) and International Assembly for collegiate business Education (IACBE).

    1. Hi Amjad,
      Here at UK NARIC we are only able to vouch for the standing of awarding bodies provided they have accreditation / recognition by the relevant authorities in the country of origin. With regard to UK qualifications, UK NARIC can comment on professional qualifications awarded by certain organisations only. Any other qualifications, provided they are referenced against the National Qualifications Framework, should be automatically recognised in the UK.
      To discuss further accreditation or recognition of UK awards you will need to contact the awarding institution directly, or the Department of Education –
      Hope this helps,
      UK NARIC

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