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Welcome to our new blog.  Our plan is to make this the forum for everything to do with the recognition of skills and qualifications.  But we aren’t going to just cover that!

Credential evaluation may not sound terribly exciting but it’s synonymous with recognition, and it’s the gateway to personal and professional progression, opening up the way to different and exciting areas of life.  One of the most politically sensitive issues in the UK is immigration.  Recognition of qualifications is a key tool in the Government’s immigration policies and UK NARIC plays a pivotal role in the process.  Identifying the brightest and best students and workers is crucial to the growth of the UK economy.  Credential evaluation is fundamental to helping identify these individuals.

The importance of ensuring that someone’s qualifications are recognised at the appropriate level cannot be underestimated.  We’ve been doing this for well over 15 years and while we might not have got everything right along the way we can state with some pride that the UK is a world leader in the methodologies used in this crucial component of  academic, vocational, occupational and professional education and employment.

So what do we want this blog to achieve?

Well we will be sharing our thoughts on subjects ranging from immigration to finding the right course at university; and from using recruitment agencies to combating educational fraud.  We will share our knowledge and experience and offer some advice.

We will be blogging as often as possible covering new topics and also making comments on the latest developments in all the areas where recognition of qualifications is important.

So enjoy! Please don’t be shy. Let us know what you think and also what you’d like us to write about.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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